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Robert Alt: Obamacare and the Supreme Court

HCN PODCAST - Benjamin Domenech is joined by Robert Alt of the Heritage Foundation to discuss the Supreme Court’s consideration of Obamacare, how Congressional consideration of a severability clause may play an important role, and how he thinks the court will rule.

Congresswoman Ann Marke Buerkle:

HCN PODCAST - Ben Domenech talks to Congresswoman Ann Marke Buerkle about the conscience overruns of the Obama administration and her plans for a replacement for Obamacare.

Rick Hess: Politicizing Education Research

SRN PODCAST - Is the American Educational Research Association is advancing a political agenda over actual social science? The American Enterprise Institute's Rick Hess thinks so, and joins the podcast to explain why the nation's largest professional education research organization should stop playing politics or stop receiving public funds. Read his blog post on Rick Hess Straight Up for the backstory.

Joe D’Aleo: Meteorologists and Global Warming Predictions

ECN PODCAST - Meteorologist Joe D’Aleo explains why meteorologists are skeptical of alarmist global warming predictions.

Chris Gindlesperger: Federal Stimulus Dollars Attacking Soft Drink Industry

BTN PODCAST - Remember the Obama stimulus? The hundreds of billions of dollars to save jobs and create new ones? Some of the money is being used to lobby state and local governments to attack soda pop and other sugary drinks.

Michael Green: In Gold We Trust?

BTN PODCAST - After speaking with renowned investors who have been pouring money into gold, economist and author Michael Green decided he should learn more about the topic -- and share what he learns. The result is "In Gold We Trust? The Future of Money in an Age of Uncertainty," a book written with Matthew Bishop of The Economist magazine. It's hot off the e-presses at Amazon/Kindle. Michael Green discusses gold, government currencies, and possible alternatives.
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