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Maureen Martin: Fast and Furious congressional investigation

LEGAL AFFAIRS PODCAST - Maureen Martin, Senior Fellow for Legal Affairs, The Heartland Institute, discusses the latest in the Fast and Furious congressional investigation and this week’s ObamaCare decision by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals on the Cari and Rob Show.

Benjamin Domenech: Entitlement Reform

HCN PODCAST - Benjamin Domenech discusses the entitlement reform plans of each of the Republican candidates.

Don Boudreaux: Don't Fret About Americans Buying Foreign

BTN PODCAST - Economics Professor Don Boudreaux of George Mason University addresses what he describes as one of the most enduring fallacies in economics -- that when we buy things made in other countries, we help those other countries and hurt our own. In fact, says Boudreaux, dollars we spend overseas end up back in this country.

Obama’s Executive Order - Real Relief for Student Loans?

SRN PODCAST - Annie Hsiao of the American Action Forum joins the podcast to analyze and discuss President Obama’s executive order restructuring the federal student loan program. She explains why the president’s actions are likely to lead to higher government and student indebtedness, and explores better alternatives.

Art Carden: Occupy Wall Streeters Raise Good Points

BTN PODCAST - Economist Art Carden has been listening to the Occupiers and says they raise some good points and would agree with many Tea Partiers when it comes to diagnosing what ails the economy.

Larry Bell: Climate of Corruption

ECN PODCAST - Larry Bell explains the Climate of Corruption regarding the global warming debate.
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