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Peg Tyre: Finding The Good School in an Era of Choice

SRN PODCAST - As school choice increases, many parents find themselves overwhelmed at the amount of jargon and programs available. Author and journalist Peg Tyre joins the SRN podcast to explain how her new book, The Good School, helps fill this gap and further empowers parents with the information necessary to choose wisely. She also discusses the great opportunity and danger embedded in the Parent Trigger.

Bruce Cooper: Religious Charter Schools?

SRN PODCAST - A growing number of publicly-funded charter schools have attempted to divine the line between church and state as they offer Jewish, Muslim, Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, animist, and other religious curriculum, explains Bruce Cooper, a professor of education at Fordham University. He discusses with SRN Managing Editor Joy Pullmann the complexities and implications of this growing trend.

David Logan: "Buffett Rule" Tax Would be Revenue Bust

BTN PODCAST - Economist David Logan says raising taxes on millionaires and billionaires would have negligible impact on the federal budget deficit and national debt. He also explains why it would reduce jobs-producing investment.

Obamacare’s Definition of “Affordable” Could Add Billions to Taxpayer Burden

Brad Jackson and Ben Domenech discuss the murky definition of “affordable” healthcare plans in Obamacare, how it may impact the average American family and the massive increase in cost to taxpayers.

Lindsey Burke: No Child Left Behind

SRN PODCAST - More than a decade after the No Child left Behind Act was originally passed, the House of Representatives just took the first steps to reauthorize it. Lindsey Burke, policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation discusses the context of the bill and the implications of its passage.

Tom Harris: Flaws in Al Gore's latest movie

ECN PODCAST - International Climate Science Coalition executive director Tom Harris discusses flaws in Al Gore's latest movie.
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