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Emerging Issues Call Series: Health Insurance Exchanges

In the first of The Heartland Institute’s Emerging Issues Call Series, Legislative Specialist Kendall Antekeier and Research Fellow Benjamin Domenech discuss health insurance exchanges.

Ben Wildavsky: For-Profit Higher Education

SRN PODCAST - The current media and government scrutiny of for-profit higher education's weaknesses often ignores the potential for these institutions to innovate beyond their current startup stages, says Ben Wildavsky, a senior fellow for the Kauffman Foundation. He has recently released a report of in-depth interviews he held with those leading such firms, outlining their experiences in traditional and for-profit higher education and comparing the two. It depicts a sector testing out new ways to meet the needs of non-traditional and underserved students more nimbly and experimentally than their nonprofit counterparts.

Sam Brownback's Plan to Reform Medicaid

HCN PODCAST - On today's Health Care News podcast, Benjamin Domenech talks to Beverly Gossage, Director of HSA Benefits Consulting, about Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback's efforts to reform Medicaid.

Todd Wynn: hydraulic fracturing is environmentally friendly

ECN PODCAST - Todd Wynn, director of the Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force at the American Legislative Exchange Council, explains why hydraulic fracturing is a environmentally friendly means of producing natural gas

Doug and Polly White: Minimum Wage Just One Hindrance to Hiring

BTN PODCAST - The minimum wage in San Francisco climbs to $10.24 an hour on January 1. Business management consultants Doug and Polly White say the city can expect some jobs to leave the city and others to disappear altogether. The minimum wage is just one of many hindrances to hiring the local, state and federal governments have created, they say.

Allison Hertog: Scandals with Public Money

SRN PODCAST - A Florida vouchers program for disabled students is under fire for instances of fraud and abuse. Special-education lawyer and former teacher Allison Hertog joins the podcast to analyze the John M. McKay scholarships, special education, and abuses of public funds. She notes that Florida has reached the second phase of widespread school-choice reforms: refinement and discovering better accountability mechanisms.
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