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Naomi Schaefer Riley : Is It Time to End Professor Tenure?

SRN PODCAST - Author Naomi Schaefer Riley thinks universities should stop giving professors tenure, and makes her case to Managing Editor Joy Pullmann. The two discuss academic bloat, government subsidies, and the idea of "college for all," as well as how professor tenure exacerbates the worst tendencies of academia.

Eric O'Keefe: Health Care Compact

HCN PODCAST - Brad Jackson and Ben Domenech are joined by Eric O’Keefe to discuss the Health Care Compact, Medicaid and Medicare reform and the financial danger posed by unfunded liabilities.

Lewis Andrews:Apathetic Suburban Parents

SRN PODCAST - Are the largest obstacles to school reform teachers unions, or something less infamous? Dr. Lewis Andrews of the Yankee Institute joins SRN Managing Editor Joy Pullmann discuss why Andrews thinks suburban parents pose a silent and important obstacle to improving America's schools.

Dr. Scott Denning : Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

ECN PODCAST - Dr. Scott Denning explains why he believes free-market advocates should formulate and support programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Jeffrey Miron: 40 Years of a Costly War on Drugs

BTN PODCAST - The United States has just marked the 40th anniversary of President Richard Nixon's declaration of a war on drugs. Jeffrey Miron of Harvard University has written about the drug war, which he estimates costs local, state and federal governments up to $90 billion annually in lost tax revenues and costs related to prosecution and incarceration of drug users. It's a war with no victory or end in sight, says Miron.

Dr. Jay Greene: The American Education System

SRN PODCAST - Dr. Jay Greene joins Joy Pullmann to discuss his new book, Why America Needs School Choice. He outlines why American education is so different than most other government and private services in the country and explains why school choice can make, and is making, it better.
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