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Collin Hitt: Illinois Has Gone from Bad to Worse

Illinois' Democrat lawmakers sent the state's income tax soaring, wiping out nearly the only competitive advantage the state has had, says Collin Hitt of the Illinois Policy Institute.

John C. Goodman: What comes next for the Congress

Benjamin Domenech talks to guest John C. Goodman, president and CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis, about this week's vote to repeal Obamacare and what comes next for the Congress and the states.

James Taylor on the Steve Malzberg Show

James Taylor, talks about the new federally mandated light bulb we'll all have to be using soon, with Steve Malzberg of WOR radio in New York.

Jonathan Williams: Census Figures Prove What We've Been Saying

The 2010 Census figures show that states with the fastest population growth and best economic performance are those with low taxes, no personal income taxes, right-to-work laws, and other policies that lay a light hand on businesses and individuals. The laggard states are those with high taxes and a heavy regulatory hand. Economist Jonathan Williams of the American Legislative Exchange Council explains.

Interview with Marc Morano

Marc Morano, executive editor for ClimateDepot.com, explains why global warming alarmism is full of hot air

Could the Parent Trigger be Locked?

School Reform News Managing Editor Ben Boychuk discusses the recent upheaval at the California State Board of Education with former State Sen. Gloria Romero, author of the Parent Trigger law and current director of California's chapter of Democrats for Education Reform.
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