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Dr. Willie Soon: Temperatures Fluctuations

ECN PODCAST - Dr. Willie Soon discusses his new research showing the sun is primarily responsible for recent temperatures fluctuations.

Christian Schneider: Milwaukee Vouchers

SRN PODCAST - Christian Schneider, a senior fellow with the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, comes aboard to talk Wisconsin's crazy politics of late and its influence on the Milwaukee vouchers expansion just passed through the statehouse.

Mario Loyola: Challenging the Constitutionality of Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion

HCN PODCAST - Brad Jackson and Ben Domenech are joined by Mario Loyola, from the Institute of Policy Studies, to discuss the court challenge of Obamacare's expansion of Medicaid.

Andrew Moylan: Cut, Cap, Balance

BTN PODCAST - The Congressional Budget office has released a report that says if things don't change, the national debt could total more than the entire national economy by the end of the decade and be nearly twice as big as the economy 15 years after that. Andrew Moylan of the National Taxpayers Union tells us how the "cut, cap and balance" proposal aims to solve the problem in the short-, medium- and long-term.

Naheed Bleecker: Parenting and Education

SRN PODCAST - Naheed Bleecker, a self-described libertarian "tiger mom" from Wisconsin, comes aboard to discuss parenting with high expectations for kids

Maureen Martin: Wisconsin Court Correct to Uphold Unions Bill

BTN PODCAST - The Wisconsin Supreme Court has overturned a ruling that blocked a bill to restrict the power of government unions to collectively bargain and to give workers the freedom to opt out of government unions. The Heartland Institute's Maureen Martin, who lives in Wisconsin, says the ruling was also a slap at the lower-court judge who intervened before the legislation was made final.
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