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Principle 5: Dismantle catastrophe funds.

Government-run reinsurance entities, aka catastrophe funds, promote excessive risk-taking.

Interview with Attorney Maureen Martin: Part 1

Today’s Health Care News podcast features an interview with Maureen Martin, Heartland’s senior fellow for legal affairs, on the Freedom Works/Paul Molloy Radio Show. She discusses why federal health care, pork projects, and a tax on banks to replenish TARP money are all unconstitutional.

Interview with Sean Shaw, Insurance Consumer Advocate for Florida

Arin Greenwood speaks with Florida's insurance consumer advocate, Sean Shaw, about the state's insurance crisis, the immediate need to shrink its state insurance pool, and efforts to bring stability to its property insurance market.

Interview with Devon Herrick of the National Center for Policy Analysis

Today's Health Care News podcast features health economist Devon Herrick, a senior fellow for the National Center for Policy Analysis, talking about what the Blair House summit means, if anything, for the prospects of the health care legislation, why the president's latest proposal isn't an improvement over prior legislation, and what should be happening at the state level to fix health care in a pro-consumer way.

Principle 4: Support an optional federal charter.

The optional federal charter provides a sound model for modernization and accountability.

Principle 3: Minimize residual insurance markets.

State-run markets-of-last-resort should be small and for temporary use only.
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