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Marcus Winters: Teachers Matter and How to Evaluate Them

SRN PODCAST - Americans generally agree that teachers are important, but just how important are they and how do we know? Marcus Winters, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Public Policy, joins the School Reform News podcast to discuss this and his review of the available research on teacher evaluation policies in his new book, Teachers Matter: Rethinking how Public Schools Identify, Reward, and Retain Great Teachers.

Sheila Weinberg: $900 Billion Unfunded and Unreported

BTN PODCAST - Sheila Weinberg of the Institute for Truth in Accounting discusses her organization's "State of the States" report, which shows state governments with $900 billion in retiree obligations that have gone unfunded and unreported because of lax government accounting standards. In some states each taxpayer owes tens of thousands of dollars to cover these unfunded liabilities.

Dr. Richard Phelps: Testing, No Child Left Behind, and Why Politicians Ignore Research

SRN PODCAST - It is common for education researchers to contend the topic they are studying or the policies they are promoting have never been researched before, says Dr. Richard Phelps in a new article for Academic Questions, the journal of the National Association of Scholars. This is common even among well-known and influential researchers, he says. And its prevalence contributed to the much-hated and unwieldy No Child Left Behind Act.

Beverly Gossage: The Right Way to do Interstate Insurance

HCN PODCAST - Benjamin Domenech is joined by Beverly Gossage to discuss interstate insurance, why it has failed so far and how it can succeed in providing more insurance options at lower cost.

James Woodworth: Exploding the Model of Education

SRN PODCAST - Education is entering a revolutionary period driven by the reinvention of the entire school, concludes a recent study by the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice. Study coauthor James Woodworth joins the School Reform News Podcast to discuss the future of education.

Josh Archambault: Manage Health Care Costs

HCN PODCAST - Benjamin Domenech interviews Josh Archambault of the Pioneer Institute to discuss the Massachusetts effort to manage health care costs by squeezing the state’s doctors.
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