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Emerging Issues Call Series: Hydraulic Fracturing Regulation

The Heartland Institute’s Emerging Issues Conference Call series continued in March focusing on the issue of hydraulic fracturing regulation. Heartland Senior Fellow James Taylor and legislative specialist John Monaghan discuss the environmental impact of fracking as well as regulatory trends in the states.

Chris Braunlich: Virginia Education Reforms Down to the Wire

SRN PODCAST - The waning days of Virginia's 2012 legislative session are packed with unfinished education bills, which include far-reaching changes to charter schools, virtual schooling, teacher tenure, and a tax credit for private school tuition. Chris Braunlich, a Virginia board of education member and vice president of the Thomas Jefferson Institute, joins the podcast to outline what's at stake, how bills have endured the legislative meat grinder, and the politics in play.

Scott Hodge: Location Matters

BTN PODCAST - The Tax Foundation and accounting and business consulting firm KPMG LLP have issued a detailed study of the actual tax costs for new and established businesses in a broad range of industries in all 50 states. It may be the most ambitious study of its kind. Tax Foundation President Scott Hodge tells us what business leaders, citizens, and legislators could learn from it.

Donn Dears: Natural Gas Fracking

ECN PODCAST - Energy economist Donn Dears discusses the economic benefits of natural gas fracking and its outstanding environmental record.

Francis Cianfrocca: Coburn-Barr Medicare Reform

HCN PODCAST - Ben Domenech and Francis Cianfrocca discuss the Coburn-Burr Medicare reform proposal.

Cheryl Miller: Charter Schools and Civics Education

SRN PODCAST - It's a common complaint that high-stakes tests have "narrowed the curriculum" to reading and math, the subjects most tested. Reformers also lately have emphasized the personal benefits of a good education, such as better earning and job prospects, and shifted away from its societal benefits and necessity. If charter schools are to serve as the "research and development arm" of public education, how can their experiments in civic education help Americans address these concerns and needs? Cheryl Miller, manager of the American Enterprise Institute's Program on American Citizenship, considers these questions and more in a January report she coauthored with Robyn Lake, and joins the SRN podcast to discuss them. The program has just released its free online civics curriculum.
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