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Beverly Gossage: The Right Way to do Interstate Insurance

HCN PODCAST - Benjamin Domenech is joined by Beverly Gossage to discuss interstate insurance, why it has failed so far and how it can succeed in providing more insurance options at lower cost.

James Woodworth: Exploding the Model of Education

SRN PODCAST - Education is entering a revolutionary period driven by the reinvention of the entire school, concludes a recent study by the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice. Study coauthor James Woodworth joins the School Reform News Podcast to discuss the future of education.

Josh Archambault: Manage Health Care Costs

HCN PODCAST - Benjamin Domenech interviews Josh Archambault of the Pioneer Institute to discuss the Massachusetts effort to manage health care costs by squeezing the state’s doctors.

Marc Morano: Global Warming News

ECN PODCAST - Marc Morano of Climate Depot discusses breaking news regarding global warming.

David From: Illinois Punts on Pensions

BTN PODCAST - Illinois has the nation's worst-funded government pension system, and still the state's legislators failed to enact any reforms before their session ended June 1. David From of Americans for Prosperity explains what needs to happen to end the state's pension-fueled fiscal crisis.

Benjamin Domenech: A Healthcare-Education Swap for States?

SRN PODCAST - Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Sen. Lamar Alexander says it’s time for a healthcare-education swap like one President Reagan was amenable to: The federal government would take over Medicaid and let states completely handle education. Is that a good idea? Heartland’s Health Care News managing editor and healthcare policy fellow Benjamin Domenech joins the School Reform News podcast to discuss it. Healthcare and education will be the largest drivers of state spending and compete with each other for it in the foreseeable future. How should states handle this? Listen in to find out.
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