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Benjamin Domenech: A Healthcare-Education Swap for States?

SRN PODCAST - Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Sen. Lamar Alexander says it’s time for a healthcare-education swap like one President Reagan was amenable to: The federal government would take over Medicaid and let states completely handle education. Is that a good idea? Heartland’s Health Care News managing editor and healthcare policy fellow Benjamin Domenech joins the School Reform News podcast to discuss it. Healthcare and education will be the largest drivers of state spending and compete with each other for it in the foreseeable future. How should states handle this? Listen in to find out.

Michael LaFaive: Michigan No Better With Strict Liquor Control

BTN PODCAST - Michigan is one of 18 states where the state government acts as liquor wholesaler. Liquor reforms are being mulled in Michigan, where a new report from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy concludes the state's liquor monopoly harms consumers without delivering health and safety benefits.

Willie Soon: The Sun and Global Warming

Solar scientist Dr. Willie Soon explains the sun’s role in global climate change.

Lisa Snell: Better Alternatives to Government Preschool

SRN PODCAST - A rising number of highly credentialed and government folk are touting the benefits of taxpayer-funded, universal preschool and early childhood programs. Are these really a good way to spend limited government funds? Lisa Snell, director of education and child welfare at the Reason Foundation, has studied such programs and concludes there are many, much better alternatives. She joins the School Reform News podcast to discuss the pros and cons of various approaches to guide parents, voters, taxpayers, and legislators past the hype.

Jay Lehr: The EPAs Original Mandate

ECN PODCAST - Heartland Institute Science Director Dr. Jay Lehr explains how EPA has strayed from its original mandate.

Ted Dabrowski: Paradigm Shift Needed for Illinois Pensions

By many measures Illinois is one of the nation's most fiscally dysfunctional states. One indication of the dysfunction is the state's pension system for government workers, conservatively estimated to have an unfunded liability of $85 billion. The governor has proposed pension reforms but Ted Dabrowski of the Illinois Policy Institute says much bolder reforms are needed to solve the problems.
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