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Jeff Judson: A Streetcar Desired -- and Opposed -- in San Antonio

BTN PODCAST - San Antonio officials want a streetcar system in the city. Local resident and Heartland Institute board member Jeff Judson does not. He says the streetcar proposal is just light rail by another name, and San Antonio voters several years ago were promised money from a transportation tax they approved would not go to light rail.

Lance Izumi: Obama's Education Takeover

SRN PODCAST - President Obama has laid the groundwork for an unprecedented centralization of education policy under the guise of promoting educational innovation, accountability, and improved student achievement, writes Lance Izumi in his new book, Obama's Education Takeover. Izumi and Joy discuss why centralizing schools hurts the economy and takes power away from families and individuals, and what are better alternatives.

John Lillis: Privacy, Compliance, Reciprocity Concerns in Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act

BTN PODCAST - The United States government is trying to force overseas financial institutions to comply with this nation's demands for information on US account holders, regardless of the laws and customs of the foreign countries. Tax expert John Lillis of the White & Case law firm in New York discusses the implications for financial privacy, business compliance costs, and reciprocity.

Francis Cianfrocca: The Entitlement State

HCN PODCAST - Heartland's Benjamin Domenech discusses the New York Times' coverage of the ever-expanding entitlement state with Francis Cianfrocca.

CPAC PANEL: Starving at a Feast: Why Aren't We Using Our Untapped Energy Resources?

Ann McElhinney, Film Director and Producer, "Not Evil Just Wrong", Charles Drevna, President, American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers, Conn Carroll, Senior Editorial Writer, The Washington Examiner and James Taylor, Senior Fellow and Managing Editor, Environment and Climate News, Heartland Institute discuss America's energy resources at CPAC.

Rep. Dennis Ross: Obamacare

HCN PODCAST - Benjamin Domenech interviews Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL) about Obamacare and the repeal and replace efforts in the House.
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