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John Graham: Interstate Health Insurance

HCN PODCAST - Benjamin Domenech talks with John Graham of the Pacific Research Institute about why interstate health insurance purchasing has failed in Georgia.

Andrew Collins: How to Start a Charter School

SRN PODCAST - Starting a school can be a thrilling idea, but how do parent groups, entrepreneurs, and community organizations go about it? Andrew Collins, director of school development for the Arizona Charter Schools Association, joins the School Reform News podcast to explain the startup process. Creating a high-quality charter school requires a lot of work, paperwork, organization, research, and persistence, he says. It usually takes at least two years from idea to opening the doors. What happens in those two years? Listen in to find out.

Patrick Louis Knudsen: Paul Ryan's Budget

HCN PODCAST - Benjamin Domenech talks with Patrick Louis Knudsen of the Heritage Foundation about Paul Ryan’s budget, Obama’s attacks on it and whether or not it lives up to Ryan’s own standards.

RiShawn Biddle: The 'War on Women' Is a Distraction

SRN PODCAST - “As long as the “war on women” dominates the political discourse—and the battle for the future of boys is ignored—those visions [of a better educated, more competitive America] will remain on hold,” writes RiShawn Biddle for the New York Daily News. Biddle is the editor of Dropout Nation, an online education magazine, coauthor of A Byte at the Apple, and a columnist for the American Spectator. He joins the School Reform News podcast to discuss why politicians and the media are overfocusing on women.

Jessica Headley: Prop 29 Wrong Medicine for California

BTN PODCAST - Voters in California are being asked to vote in June to raise the state's cigarette tax to fund cancer research, smoking reduction programs, and tobacco law enforcement. But there's no guarantee the money would go to those purposes or even stay inside the state.

Avik Roy: Costs of Obamacare

HCN PODCAST - Benjamin Domenech talks with Avik Roy of the Manhattan Institute about the costs of Obamacare and the possibilities for repeal.
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