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Beverlee Jobrack: Tyranny of the Textbook

SRN PODCAST - While education reformers focus on big schemes like Common Core standards and teacher evaluations, little over the several past decades has seemed to change about American education. Author Beverlee Jobrack, a long-time textbook editor for SRA-McGraw Hill, explains in Tyranny of the Textbook that some of the reason why is that textbooks have not changed. Teachers keep teaching the way they always have, and publishers print books that make them happy, whether it’s based on research about how children learn best or not. Jobrack also explains why the Khan Academy and crazes over much education technology are non-research-supported fads.

Benjamin Domenech: First day of Supreme Court Arguments

HCN PODCAST - Benjamin Domenech reacts to the first day of arguments at the Supreme Court.

Willie Soon: Global Climate

ECN PODCAST - Dr. Willie Soon explains why the sun is driving global climate.

John Nothdurft: Soaring Property Taxes, Soaring Spending

BTN PODCAST - Cook County, Illinois, is the second most-populous county in the nation. Property taxes there have climbed more than twice as fast as price inflation since 2000, with the biggest increases in the suburbs. Even bigger tax increases or municipal bankruptcies are likely unless major changes to local government occur, says John Nothdurft, author of a report on the area's property tax burdens.

RiShawn Biddle: Critiquing The Parent Trigger

SRN PODCAST - High-profile writers and publications have recently written the Parent Trigger needs to change drastically, or that parents can't be trusted with its power. RiShawn Biddle, editor of Dropout Nation and a contributor to the American Spectator, explains why these ideas are foolish, demeaning, and antithetical to school choice. See his recent blog post on the topic.

Robert Alt: Obamacare and the Supreme Court

HCN PODCAST - Benjamin Domenech is joined by Robert Alt of the Heritage Foundation to discuss the Supreme Court’s consideration of Obamacare, how Congressional consideration of a severability clause may play an important role, and how he thinks the court will rule.
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