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Rich Trzupek: EPA's Regulatory Overreach

Rich Trzupek discusses EPA's regulatory overreach and his new book 'Regulators Gone Wild: How the EPA Is Ruining American Industry

Dr. Lew Andrews: Creating Community Dialogue with Local Schools

A Connecticut taxpayer group has just released the first-ever independent survey of local high school graduates, hoping to spark discussions with their school board about student needs and ways to improve. Dr. Lew Andrews of the Yankee Institute joins the podcast to explain how and why the group conducted their survey, and how other taxpayers could stimulate similar discussion in their own towns. Find the survey and more information about Nonpartisan Action for a Better Redding online at BetterRedding.org.

Angela Logomasini: Environmental Chemicals

ECN PODCAST - Angela Logomasini, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, explains the principles of risk management regarding environmental chemicals.

Maureen Martin: Fast and Furious congressional investigation

LEGAL AFFAIRS PODCAST - Maureen Martin, Senior Fellow for Legal Affairs, The Heartland Institute, discusses the latest in the Fast and Furious congressional investigation and this week’s ObamaCare decision by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals on the Cari and Rob Show.

Benjamin Domenech: Entitlement Reform

HCN PODCAST - Benjamin Domenech discusses the entitlement reform plans of each of the Republican candidates.

Don Boudreaux: Don't Fret About Americans Buying Foreign

BTN PODCAST - Economics Professor Don Boudreaux of George Mason University addresses what he describes as one of the most enduring fallacies in economics -- that when we buy things made in other countries, we help those other countries and hurt our own. In fact, says Boudreaux, dollars we spend overseas end up back in this country.
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