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John Dale Dunn: The EPA and Premature Death

ECN PODCAST - Dr. John Dale Dunn explains how the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency distorts the facts on lives allegedly saved through emissions restrictions.

Tom Harris: Canada and the Kyoto Protocol

ECN PODCAST - International Climate Science Coalition executive director Tom Harris explains why Canada has pulled out of the Kyoto Protocol and why United Nations climate proposals are a very real threat to Western economies.

Question and Answer on Wyden-Ryan

Benjamin Domenech, health care research fellow at the Heartland Institute, offers his initial thoughts on Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Ron Wyden's Medicare reform plan.

Charlene Nelson: North Dakota Voters Could End Property Tax

BTN PODCAST - North Dakota resident and taxpayer activist Charlene Nelson discusses Measure 2, a constitutional amendment to end local property taxes that she helped get on the state's June 2012 ballot. She explains why the property tax should end and how its demise would work in practice.

Dr. Gene Edward Veith: The Importance of Family, Culture, and Vocation to Education

SRN PODCAST - Dr. Gene Edward Veith joins the School Reform News podcast during the season of family and traditions to discuss the meaning and influence of those institutions on education. Veith is a prominent cultural commentator, provost and professor of Literature at Patrick Henry College, and author of more than 18 books. He shares his experiences with students and families who cherish each other and a good education, and defines several facets of what it means to be an educated person.

James Taylor: Global Warming and Climate Gate

ECN PODCAST - James Taylor discusses global warming and climate gate on The Jason Lewis show.
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