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Ben Domenech: Entitlement Trends under Obamacare

HCN PODCAST - Ben Domenech discusses health care and entitlement trends under Obamacare.

Vicki Alger: Valuing and Evaluating Teachers

SRN PODCAST - Researchers are just now quantifying what we've known for ages: great teachers are supremely important to students' intellect, earnings, and character. Vicki Alger has just released a study applying such research to Nebraska, where legislators are joining others across the country in attempting to compose teacher evaluation systems.

Alan Caruba: Keystone XL pipeline

ECN PODCAST - Columnist Alan Caruba explains why President Obama made a big mistake blocking the Keystone XL pipeline.

Yaron Brook: The Moral Case for Capitalism

BTN PODCAST - The Ayn Rand Center's Yaron Brook says to defend freedom in our personal and economic lives, we need to defend the morality behind acting in our own self-interest.

Dr. Jerry Ellig

HCN PODCAST - Dr. Jerry Ellig, Senior Research Fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, discusses his in-depth study of government’s own analysis of Obamacare's interim final rules and regulations.

Sam Batkins: The High Costs of Federal Regulations

BTN PODCAST - Sam Batkins of American Action Forum has totaled up the costs of federal regulations, using the government's own estimates. He says the actual costs are probably worse than the government estimates indicate.
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