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Whitney Downs: Business and Education: Where the Two Sectors Meet, and Sometimes Collide

SRN PODCAST - Business involvement in education does not always go well, but has great potential to help schools tackle the budget and career-ready challenges hitting them today, says Whitney Downs, a researcher in education policy at the American Enterprise Institute.

J. Scott Armstrong: Forecasting

ECN PODCAST - University of Pennsylvania professor J. Scott Armstrong discusses how global warming models violate basic forecasting principles with James M. Taylor, senior fellow for environment policy at The Heartland Institute.

Wendell Cox: Smaller Government = Less Expensive Government

BTN PODCAST - Across the country there are efforts to consolidate small units of government to benefit taxpayers. Urban planning expert Wendell Cox says these efforts are usually misguided because the expected savings almost never occur. In fact, says Cox, government "turns the whole idea of economies of scale on its head."

Benjamin Domenech: Governor Perry's stem cell treatment

HCN PODCAST - Benjamin Domenech discusses Governor Perry's stem cell treatment on One News Now.

Donn Dears: Alternative Power Shortfalls

ECN PODCAST - Energy expert Donn Dears explains shortcomings of alternative power, including windpower and alternate vehicles.

Michael McKay: Economic Fragility

BTN PODCAST - As host of RadioFreeMarket.com and author of Secrets About Money that Put You at Risk, Michael McKay has closely watched the Federal Reserve's monetary machinations. He discusses the recent news that the Fed secretly doled out more than $1 trillion to Wall Street and foreign banks and what it means as an indicator of economic fragility.
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