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Tom Tanton: Renewable Power

ECN PODCAST - Energy analyst Tom Tanton explains the shortcomings of wind and solar power.

Neal McCluskey: America's 'Morbidly Obese' K-12 System

SRN PODCAST - President Obama is stumping for his new jobs bill--but can it coax America's economy back to life? Neal McCluskey of the Cato Institute joins the School Reform News podcast to examine the numbers in the president's plan, how schools have used such dollars in the past, and suggest some ways for the federal government to help K-12 education get healthy and slim.

Maureen Martin on Medicaid and the Supreme Court

HCN PODCAST - Maureen Martin discusses the Supreme Court's Medicaid case.

Phil Krinkie: Hypocrisy in Support for Subsidies for Minnesota Vikings

BTN PODCAST - Politicians on the Right and the Left display hypocrisy when they agree to subsidize billionaire sports teams owners, says Taxpayers League of Minnesota President Phil Krinkie, whose organization is fighting for local citizens to have a vote on a proposal for a local sales tax to build a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings.

Hans von Spakovsky: Obamacare headed to the Supreme Court

HCN PODCAST - Hans von Spakovsky from the Heritage Foundation discusses the 11th Circuit case against Obamacare that is now headed to the Supreme Court.

Todd Wynn: Renewable Energy

ECN PODCAST - Todd Wynn discusses renewable energy and his new position at the American Legislative Exchange Council
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