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Jay Lehr: Global Warming and Public Opinion

Heartland Institute Science Director Jay Lehr, Ph.D. discusses global warming, public opinion, and grassroots activism.

John Nothdurft: Sound Budgeting Techniques in Times of Crisis

Heartland Institute Legislative Specialist John Nothdurft discusses a budding movement toward zero-based and performance-based budgeting, which states and local governments over the past 30 years have used in times of crisis to bring badly stressed budgets under control.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry: How the States Should Respond to Obamacare

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas tells Ben Domenech that in response to Obamacare's passage, he's interested in leading what he describes as a "very strong 10th Amendment movement" in America.

School Choice and Latinos: An interview with Don Soifer of the Lexington Institute

School Reform News Managing Editor Ben Boychuk interviews Lexington Institute Vice President Don Soifer on how school choice may close the Latino achievement gap.

Daniel Simmons: EPA and CO2

Daniel Simmons, director of state affairs for the Institute for Energy Research, discusses whether EPA should regulate carbon dioxide.

Richard K. Vedder: Learning Some Lessons from World War II

Economics Professor Richard K. Vedder of Ohio University joins us to discuss "Stimulus by Spending Cuts: Lessons from 1946," an article he recently wrote with Professor Jason E. Taylor of Central Michigan University to explain why sharp cuts in government spending after World War II strengthened the economy and employment ... and why the lessons of 1946 need to be applied today.
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