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Interview with Policy Analyst Dave Roland

An interview with Dave Roland, policy analyst with Show Me Institute in Missouri, found at http://showmedaily.org, about the nature of the Health Care Freedom Acts and what they mean in legal and political terms for the current national health care debate.

Principle 10: Help only the truly needy.

Instead of destroying the important information prices convey, government should provide direct help to the needy.

Principle 9: Don't interfere in rate-setting.

Accurately accounting for risk allows insurers to provide new products tailored to the needs of consumers.

Principle 8: Don't ban territorial rating.

Using geographical location in determining insurance rates results in better insurance prices that more accurately reflect risk.

Sam Staley Discusses Traffic Congestion and Ways to Address it

Transportation expert Sam Staley is leading a project to recommend solutions to traffic congestion in major metropolitan areas.

Minnesota State Sen. Mike Jungbauer Addresses Environment Issues

Minnesota State Senator Mike Jungbauer speaks about environmental issues and free-market solutions in an interview with Heartland Institute Senior Fellow James M. Taylor, managing editor of Environment & Climate News.
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