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Jackie Stewart: The Harmful and Unrealistic Goals of "Keep It In The Ground"

ECN Podcast - In this edition of The Heartland Daily Podcast, Jackie Stewart, from Energy in Depth, and Research Fellow Isaac Orr discuss the origins and influence of the Keep It In The Ground movement, and how they affect public policy. This affect on public policy comes despite receiving rebuke from Sally Jewel, the Secretary of the Interior, who dismissed the movement as unrealistic.

Daniel Dew: Criminal Justice Reform

BTN Podcast - In this episode of the weekly Budget & Tax News podcast, managing editor and research fellow Jesse Hathaway talks with Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions criminal justice fellow Daniel Dew about criminal justice reform, debunking some of the myths around this new idea.

Lindsey Burke: The Emerging Issues of Education

SRN Podcast - In today's edition of The Heartland Daily Podcast, we listen in to the first Emerging Issues Forum conference call hosted by John Nothdurft, Director of Government Relations at The Heartland Institute. The conference call features Lindsey Burke, a Will Skillman Fellow in Education at The Heritage Foundation.

In The Tank Podcast (ep40): Fixing Income Inequality, CON Laws, Telemedicine, and Nutritional Labeling

ITT Podcast - John and Donny continue their exploration of think tanks in #40 of the In The Tank Podcast. This weekly podcast features (as always) interviews, debates, and roundtable discussions that explore the work of think tanks across the country. The show is available for download as part of the Heartland Daily Podcast every Friday. Today’s podcast features work from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the John Locke Foundation, the Palmetto Promise Institute, and the Mercatus Center.

Arthur Viterito: Other Factors that Impact Global Temperatures

ECN Podcast - In today's edition of The Heartland Daily Podcast, Arthur Viterito, a professor of Geography of the College of Southern Maryland, joins managing editor for Environment & Climate News H. Sterling Burnett to talk about his recent research exploring other factors that affect global temperatures.

Peter Ferrara: Examining Obamacare Repeal & Replace Options

HCN Podcast - In today's edition of The Heartland Daily Podcast, Peter Ferrara, Heartland Senior Fellow and author of the Power to the People, joins host Michael Hamilton to discuss the different proposed plans to replace the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.
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