Policy Documents

2013 Pork Report

Justin Owen, Trey Moore, & Scott Sumner –
January 7, 2013

In this policy report, the authors assert that state and local governments across Tennessee continue to go hog wild with taxpayers’ hard-earned money. The 2013 Pork Report uncovers more than $511 million that state and local governments squandered over the past year.

Numerous political pet projects retain their black hole status; fraud and abuse remain serious concerns, particularly at the local level; and state and local governments press forward with hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in corporate welfare—taking money from certain businesses and doling it out to others, often with no guarantees that jobs will be maintained long-term. The 2013 Pork Report exposes a plethora of government waste, fraud, and abuse, including: recouped; State Prison; on an arsenal of guns, ammunition, cameras, clothes, protein powder, and testosterone booster.