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Affordability, Accessibility or Priority? Defining and Understanding Maine’s Uninsured

Tarren Bragdon –
August 28, 2007

Today, the US Census Bureau released figures on the uninsured rate for Maine, the other states and the US as a whole for 2006. This paper provides analysis on who are Maine’s uninsured and poses questions of why they are uninsured.

In 2005-2006, there were 108,000 uninsured adults in Maine, ages 18 to 64, about 12.6 percent of the 856,500 non-elderly adults in Maine. Of these uninsured adults:

  • Almost 2 in every 3 uninsured Maine adults are single, without dependent children and/or in excellent or very good
  • health.
  • Almost 4 in every 10 uninsured have family incomes over $35,000 and/or are young adults between the ages of 18
  • and 34 years.
  • 1 in 3 uninsured adults are already eligible for retroactive Medicaid coverage. Therefore, they really are not uninsured
  • but can delay enrolling in Medicaid until they actually use (or need) health care services.