Policy Documents

Blended Learning in Practice: Case Studies from Leading Schools featuring Firstline Schools

Brad Bernatek, Jeffrey Cohen, John Hanlon, and Matthew Wilka –
September 1, 2012

A report about blended learning programs analyzes the instruction, operational, and financial models of Firstline Schools. Arthur Ashe Charter School in New Orleans, a Firstline School, uses a blended learning with ‘lab-rotation’ to respond to what each student needs. The school uses Tiers to separate students based on specific educational needs. Tier I are students in the general education program. Tiers II and III receive different levels of intervention and support. The final tier is for student receiving special education services. All students partake in a large teacher-led instruction then split off to go to a computer lab or a learning support room. Some students continue to learn through self-operated online programs and others receive specific instruction to help bridge skill gaps. Students all use online programs, but many of those are different and are chosen based on what the individual student needs.