Policy Documents

Board Findings and Action Regarding December 7, 2010 Petition Submitted by Parent Revolution (McKinley Elementary School)

Compton Unified School District Office of Superintendent –
February 22, 2011

On December 7, 2010, the District received a petition (“Petition”) from a group describing itself as “Parent Revolution.” The Petition was submitted pursuant to Education Code section 53300. The Petition was divided into various sections, including signature pages.
As of December 7, 2010, there were 442 active students at McKinley Elementary School.

The Petition contained signatures on behalf of 275 purported McKinley students. Each signature was contained on its own separate page. Some of the signatures covered more than one student, and therefore the total number of signature pages received by the District was less than 275.

Of the signatures submitted on behalf of 275 purported McKinley students, District records reflect 10 students as “Inactive.” Eleven students did not appear on McKinley enrollment records as of December 7, 2010. In addition, 4 signatures were duplicates. Excluding these signatures, the Petition contained signatures on behalf of 250 McKinley students. (Continued...)