Policy Documents

Certificate-of-Need Laws: It's Time for Repeal

Dr. Roy Cordato –
November 28, 2005

This report on certificate-of-need regulation is the first in a series of annual research papers from the John Locke Foundation devoted to explaining the principles of free markets and applying them to current controversies in North Carolina.  The Nathaniel Macon Research Series was created with the generous financial support of David R. Carr, Jr. of Durham, in memory of his friend and business partner George W. Brumley, III, who was a strong believer in the crucial role that robust, unfettered markets play in advancing human progress and promoting a free society.  The Macon Series will examine closely the fiscal and regulatory policies of the state and whether they help or hinder individuals seeking to create or expand businesses and economic opportunities in North Carolina.  The series is named after Nathaniel Macon, a North Carolinian and close political ally of Thomas Jefferson who served as Speaker of the House and U.S. Senator during the first few decades of the American Republic.  Macon frequently agrued, "That government is best which governs least."