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Decline of Title II Common-Carrier Regulations in the Wake of Brand X: Long-Run Success for Consumers, Competition, and the Broadband Internet Market

Justin P. Hedge –
January 1, 2006

This Comment will demonstrate how consumers stand to benefit from theFCC’s Title II deregulation of the broadband market. First, this Comment willprovide the reader with a background on the development of broadband Internettechnology and the regulations that accompanied that development. Second,this Comment will address competition in the broadband market and identifythe benefits consumers are likely to experience under recent FCC deregulatorydecisions. Third, this author will defend the FCC’s deregulatory approachin the context of other regulatory safeguards in both communications and antitrustlaws and illustrate how criticism of the Commission’s decisions is misplaced.Finally, this Comment concludes with the proposition that because theFCC has created safe long-term benefits for Americans through a deregulatedbroadband marketplace, additional regulatory and legislative controls are unnecessaryat this time.