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Digital Learning Now!

Foundation For Exellence In Education –
December 1, 2010

On December 1, 2010, Jeb Bush and Bob Wise unveiled the 10 Elements of High Quality Digital Learning - the roadmap for local, state and federal officials to integrate digital learning into education.
The 10 Elements of High Quality Digital Learning reflects their vision for America - an education that maximizes every child’s potential for learning, prepares every child with the knowledge and skills to succeed in college and careers, and launches every child into the world with the ability to pursue his or her dreams.
By unleashing the power of digital learning, America has the ability to realize that vision today.
Digital learning can customize and personalize education so all students learn in their own style at their own pace, which maximizes their chances for success in school and beyond. With digital learning, every student – from rural communities to inner cities – can access high quality and rigorous courses in every subject, including foreign languages, math and science.
Digital learning can also be the catalyst for transformational change in education. It is a tool that can address a myriad of challenges faced by schools, community leaders, and policymakers. Digital learning can connect students in the most remote areas with high quality college and career-prep courses taught by a highly qualified teacher who does not work inside their school building. It can be a powerful tool for teachers who are struggling to meet a variety of students needs. And it can connect communities to a vast network of resources that will help their students compete and succeed in the global economy.
A comprehensive roadmap to reform yields success. That’s why, in August 2010, Governors Bush and Wise launched the Digital Learning Council with leaders in education, government, philanthropy, business, technology and think tanks to define the actions that lawmakers and policymakers must take to spark a revolution in digital learning. More than 100 people from across the nation invested countless hours and energy in this rapid virtual policy development. The council members for forging a path for education’s historic shift from print to digital, from age groups to individuals and from seat time to competency.
The 10 Elements of High Quality Digital Learning is just the beginning.  During the next year, Digital Learning Now! will work to turn proposals into policy and arguments into action to transform education for today’s students.