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The Effect of Federal Health Care 'Reform' On Kansas General Fund Medicaid Expenditures

Jagadeesh Gokhale and Angela C. Erickson –
June 1, 2011

This study estimates PPACA’s effect on future Kansas’ Medicaid expenditures by constructing and comparing state Medicaid expenditure projections with and without PPACA mandates. Our detailedassessment shows that Kansas would spend $20.8 billion on Medicaid during the first ten years (2014-23) of PPACA’s implementation, which is $4.7 billion (29 percent) larger than projected spending without PPACA. If Kansas continues to operate its Medicaid program as in past years and implementsPPACA, spending on Medicaid will quadruple, going from $713 million in 2010 to $2.8 billion in2023. Kansas historical budget share trends suggest that large and growing budget pressure fromMedicaid expansion under PPACA would compel reductions in education, infrastructure and other primary functions.