Policy Documents

The End of Big Government?

Henry I. Miller –
February 1, 1997

This article in Nature Biology by Henry Miller takes on the FDA's failure to live up to its mission as an agency of the federal government:

It is in the nature of regulators to be overzealous. Congress’ antidote was to require that new regulation requirements be published for public comment and then promulgated in a prescribed way-none of which FDA bothered to do. Beyond the technicalities, however, regulations should also be scientifically based, have intrinsic value. and serve a large public good. The consultation procedures fail every criterion. They provide yet another potent argument for congressional reform to reduce FDA’s tyrannical monopoly we, food, drug, and medical device regulation.

The issue in this case is  a policy that would require selected foods to be registered with the agency before being sold to consumers.  This will increase costs for the consumers.