Policy Documents

Environmental Tobacco Smoke Exposure in Public Places of European Cities

M Nebor, M J Lopez, G Gorini, M Neuberger, S Axelsson, M Pilali, C Fonseca, K Abdennbi, A Hackshaw, H Moshammer, A M Laurent, J Salles, M Georgouli, M C Fondelli, E Serrahima, F Centrich, S K Hammond –
August 20, 2004

Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) has
important public health implications. It has been
classified as a lung carcinogen and has been shown to
have adverse health effects on adults and children, including
heart disease and respiratory disorders. ETS exposure has
been measured by different methods such as questionnaires
(based on self reported exposure) and by measuring markers
of ETS, namely substances found in tobacco smoke (such as
nicotine) in bodily fluids (urine, blood, and saliva) or in the
air. Markers can give an objective measurement of ETS exposure.