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Ethan Allen Institute’s 2013 Legislative Issues Guide

Ethan Allen Institute –
January 1, 2013

The issues facing the 2013 legislature are many and complex. Selecting just eight and condensing them into one page each was a challenge. We hope this booklet will present a quick and useful overview for voters and legislators alike.

The driving issue of 2013 will be the continued implementation of Acts 48 and171, bringing Vermont toward the ultimate goal of a single payer healthcare system. How to pay for this legislation and what taxes to increase in order to do so (as much as $3 billion) will be highly controversial and hotly debated.

The legislature’s plans to force Vermonters to purchase 90% of our energy from renewable sources by 2050, how to deal with a $3 billion unfunded public employee pension obligations, and what appears to be a growing battle between towns and the state over school choice will also be topics of great interest.

The Ethan Allen Institute does have a point of view, based on our mission statement and principles set forth on the back cover. We have tried to show in this booklet not only that there are emerging issues and problems in many government programs, but also that there are opportunities that we believe can be realized by expanding individual liberty and choice, strengthening community level institutions, and limiting the size, scope, and cost of centralized government