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Even with State Budget Crunch, Oklahomans Favor Tax Cuts

Wesley Burt –
May 2, 2011

While the governor and legislature have been strongly focused on the state budget deficit, a recent SoonerPoll found that essentially half of Oklahomans, 49.8 percent, support a proposal to reduce the Oklahoma state income tax rate. The poll found that only 37.4 percent of respondents opposed lowering the income tax rate, while 12.8 percent of respondents remain undecided.

Respondents were asked: ”A proposal has been made to reduce the Oklahoma state-income-tax rate. Some people oppose the idea. They say it would result in less revenue for state government, and that state government already lacks sufficient funding to meet its important obligations. Other people favor the idea. They say it would put more money in the pockets of Oklahomans, thus boosting the economy and even offsetting some of the revenue loss. Which view comes closest to your own?”

“Our goal with this question was to see how the public felt about tax cuts, and ask it in a way that put the current budget shortfall into perspective at the same time for the respondent,” said Bill Shapard, CEO of SoonerPoll. ”The results show that a plurality of Oklahomans wants our elected leaders to include tax cuts while they’re balancing the budget.”