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Focus on Small Business: Job Creators and Job Killers

Erin Shannon –
July 12, 2013

In this report on major bills from Washington's 2013 Legislative Session, the author finds the points below:

  1. The most effective way to encourage job growth is not to burden employers and discourage entrepreneurs with more government mandates and new taxes.
  2. Despite the near-ubiquitous “I’m-for-jobs” sound bites and talking points issued by lawmakers of both parties, there were a number of job-killer bills introduced in the 2013 Legislative Session.
  3. While none of the job-killer bills listed passed the legislature, neither did most of the job-creator bills.
  4. The House and Senate did pass and Gov. Inslee signed four of the job-creator bills that implement some important steps toward regulatory reform.
  5. Overall, the record of some lawmakers and the governor in improving Washington’s business climate and expanding job opportunities for workers was disappointing in the 2013 Legislative Session.