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Global Warming: Facts vs. Faith

Walter Cunningham –
January 1, 2010

Walter Cunningham has enjoyed careers in the United States Marine Corps, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and private industry, including 12 years as a venture capitalist. He is best known as the pilot of Apollo 7, the first manned test flight of the Apollo Program to land a man on the Moon.

He writes, "Global climate change is a scientific question, demanding scientific data for understanding, but until very recently, it looked like subjective opinion was winning. Thankfully, some scientists have been willing to risk their careers by speaking out against anthropogenic global warming (AGW) dogma. Disclosures of scientific fraud by the leading advocates of AGW, along with new scientific discoveries and cooling global temperatures, have all helped bring the world back from the brink of adopting some utterly unnecessary and truly harmful limitations on human progress."

"In the end," Cunningham writes, "science will win--as it always does--but not without some painfully rude awakenings by Al Gore, President Barack Obama, and millions of others who can’t handle the truth."