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Global Warming? Now That Really Is Fiction

Jasper Gerard –
January 2, 2005

“After three years of painstaking research,” writes Jasper Gerard for The Sunday Times (London), “the father of the techno-thriller believes he has reached a shocking conclusion: global warming is hot air.”

“Two developments persuaded Crichton to abandon his Californian liberal world view,” Gerard later notes. “One was in 2002 having a gun held to his head by burglars, who tied up Taylor, his daughter, then aged 13. ‘They told me not to move and I figured it was best not to argue,’ he says. It convinced him we must be tougher on bad guys, be they cat burglars or Saddam Hussein.

“His second awakening was seeing that scientists had become so cowed by environmental activists and the media that they dared not proclaim what their research showed: that, so far, it appears global warming is hardly happening.”