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Governor Baldacci's Track Record: Three Chilling Facts About Maine's Unsustainable Medicaid Program

Tarren Bragdon –
January 3, 2005

In this Heritage Medicaid Watch, the author points out Medicaid enrollments are growing faster than Maine's employment.  The conclusion of the article is that Maine is heading for fiscal trouble.  The author concludes that, "Governor Baldacci is still pressing ahead with the planned April 2005 Medicaid expansion of up to another 78,000 adults. This expansion will increase Medicaid eligibility for childless adults from 100 to 125 percent of poverty and for parents from 150 to 200 percent of poverty. Even before the April 2005 expansion, Maine Medicaid’s eligibility for parents is over twice national average. Maine is one of only one five states to specifically cover childless adults (non-disabled adults with no minor dependents)."