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Hawaii Anti-Gmo 'Corruption' Scandal? Genetic Literacy Project Investigation Underway

Jon Entine –
September 3, 2013

In this article, Jon Entine accounts for a rancorous debate going on in Hilo over genetically altered fruit.  He writes that, 

The Hilo island Council will  debate controversial measures designed to curtail the growing of genetically modified crops on the island. The Battle over GMOs on both Hawaii and Kauai has been rancorous, threatening to tear apart the aloha spirit that has defined the Hawaiian Islands for centuries. The ‘public discussion’ took a sharply political turn in May when Kohala Councilwoman Margaret Wille brought forward Bill 79, which banned GMOs but proposed to exempt the GMO Rainbow papaya crop, which is credited by scientists and independent experts for rescuing the papaya on Hawaii from extinction threatened by the ringspot virus.

Instead of arguing on the science of the process, those who object to genetically modified fruit claim it is political violations that necessitate the ban.  Entine thinks that is a bit misplaced, and avoids the real objection, which is to GMOs.