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Health Care Welcomes An Old Friend: The Free Market

Curtis Leonard –
April 1, 2003

In summary, author Curtis Leonard talks about the health care crisis this nation is currently facing with increasing numbers of the uninsured and the double digit cost of insurance rates growing rapidly, that  the benefits of re-establishing free-market principles to an already suffering system, would provide the best chance scenario for all. 

The author also cites the work of two doctors in Seattle who started a program known as SimpleCare whereby they eliminated the middle man by charging a fee for service in which they drastically cut their rates while striking a deal with their patients to pay for services rendered at time of service albeit cash, check and/or credit card.  The doctors discovered that by eliminating the middle man and the rules and regulations imposed on them by such programs as Medicaid and Medicare, the doctors discovered they could reduce their rates/fees significantly, as much as 20-50% and still turn a profit while providing quality care.  Since starting the SimpleCare program, the program itself has expanded nationwide making it affordable to the uninsured.