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A Health Policy Agenda for the 105th Congress

John C. Goodman –
February 1, 1997

The author notes the funding crsis underway in Washington should there be a health care plan passed that inches the country toward greater national involvement in health care.  Goodman asserts that, 

Most people believe there will be only incremental subsidized insurance often go without. Moreover, these change in federal health policy over the next two years. tax breaks go mainly to middle- and upper income President Clinton proposes to insure just 5 million of the families who least need the financial incentives. As approximately 40 million Americans who are uninsured Figure I shows. families in the top fifth of the income at any one time, and his State of the Union message distribution get about six times as much reliefas families largely ignored other problems in health care policy. So in the-bottom fifth.

Three major health-care crises are developing:

  1. a funding crisis,
  2. an insurance crisis and  
  3. a quality  crisis.

All three require fundamental changes in federal policy. And all three will become more severe if action is delayed.