Policy Studies

Disadvantaged Business Set-Aside Programs: An Evaluation

Diane Bast, Mayer Freed, Daniel Polsby, and Thomas Ulen
June 29, 1989

No. 27 An Enterpreneurial Approach to Science Education

Kenneth J. Schlager and Hector S. Macdonald
August 19, 1989

No. 16 Tax Climate In Wisonsin: An Analysis Of State and Local Taxes

June 10, 1987

Tax policies in Wisconsin are often the subject of long and frequently acrimonious debates.

No. 18 Weight-Distance Fees For Heavy Trucks: A Market Approach to Highway Pricing

Yale Brozen and Joseph P. Schwieterman
December 10, 1987

No. 25 Deregulation, Privatization, and Air Travel Safety

John Semmens and Dianne Kresich
May 12, 1989
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