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Research & Commentary: Federal Death Tax Repeal

April 16, 2015

Few taxes imposed by state and local governments are more controversial than the estate tax, popularly referred to as the “death tax.” Estate taxes are levies on property transferred from a decease

Research & Commentary: Rolling Back North Carolina's Renewable Power Mandate

April 15, 2015

North Carolina is considering rolling back its Renewable Energy and Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS) law requiring utilities to generate from renewable sources 12.5 percent of retail electricit

Research & Commentary: Direct Solar and Renewable Sales

April 13, 2015

Research & Commentary: Direct Solar and Renewable Sales

Research & Commentary: Georgia Certificate-of-Need Reform

April 7, 2015

Georgia is one of 36 states with certificate of need (CON) laws.

Research & Commentary: Idaho Tax Reform

April 6, 2015

Idaho legislators are considering a major tax reform proposal that

Research & Commentary: Alabama Common Core Repeal

April 7, 2015

Alabama legislators are debating a proposal that would repeal the state’s implementation of Common Core State Standards, a set of requirements for what elementary and secondary school children shou

Research & Commentary: Tennessee Hall Tax Elimination

April 6, 2015

Tennessee is often identified as one of the nine U.S. states without an income tax.

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