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Research & Commentary: Kentucky Schools’ Administrative Bloat

November 25, 2014

The number of administrative staff in Kentucky schools grew by 43 percent between 1992 and 2009, despite just a 4 percent increase in students.

Research & Commentary: Experimental Drugs and the Right to Try

November 25, 2014

Utah is one of several states expected to consider legislation allowing terminally

Research & Commentary: Municipal Broadband in Connecticut

November 25, 2014

Municipal broadband systems remain a popular idea in many cities, despite their failing track record.

Research & Commentary: Bloomington’s Vaping Ban

November 17, 2014

As electronic cigarettes grow in popularity, state and local governments are debating whether and how the products should be regulated and taxed.

Research & Commentary: Michigan Renewable Portfolio Standard Repeal

November 5, 2014

In 2008, then-governor Jennifer Granholm signed into law Michigan’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS), requiring all state utilities to generate 10 percent of all retail electricity sales from ren

Research & Commentary: Vermont Wind and Solar Development

November 5, 2014

Vermont has several interventionist policies designed to encourage the development of wind and solar power.

Research & Commentary: New Mexico Right-To-Work

November 4, 2014

In both 1979 and 1981, the New Mexico Legislature passed right-to-work laws, but both bills were vetoed by then-Gov. Bruce King (D).

Research & Commentary: Vermont Single-Payer Health Care

November 4, 2014

Vermont is the first state to attempt to establish a completely government-run health care system, financing and administering health care services and health insurance coverage.

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