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Research & Commentary: E-Cigarette Regulation in Ohio

March 17, 2014

Over the past five years, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have emerged as a popular alternative for smokers looking to quit or substantially reduce their cigarette use.

Research & Commentary: Wisconsin Renewable Portfolio Standard

March 12, 2014

In 1999, Wisconsin implemented a renewable portfolio standard (RPS) mandate requiring electric cooperatives and investor-owned utilities to obtain from renewable sources 2.2 percent of the electric


Research & Commentary: "All-of-the-Above" Energy Strategy

March 12, 2014

Among the most popular justifications for interventionist energy policies is pursuit of a government-imposed “diversified” energy portfolio.

Research & Commentary: Chip-and-PIN Mandate

March 4, 2014

Since the recent financial data breaches at Target and other stores, several legislators and consumer groups have called for new regulations requiring banks and retailers to transition from the cur

Research & Commentary: Tennessee Vouchers

March 3, 2014

Tennessee lawmakers are trying again to pass school choice legislation after several years of failed attempts caused by differences over how big the program should be. Gov.

Research & Commentary: Education Savings Accounts for Special-Needs Children

March 3, 2014

In 2011, Arizona pioneered education savings accounts, an innovative form of school choice that deposits a child’s state education money into an account parents control and can use for a variety of

Research & Commentary: Federal Ownership of Public Lands

March 3, 2014

Nearly half the land of the western United States is owned by the federal government, including 82 percent of Nevada, 68 percent of Alaska, 64 percent of Utah, 63 percent of Idaho, 61 percent

Research & Commentary: The Limitations of Solar Power

February 26, 2014

For more than a century, mankind has sought ways to convert the sun’s heat and light into electricity. According to the U.S.

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