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Research & Commentary: Tennessee Considers Opening Doors to Direct Primary Care

March 16, 2016

Current primary care doctors face myriad regulations and a reimbursement system that is both slow and costly; creating overhead that can eat up to 60 percent of a typical primary care practice’s re

Research & Commentary: Maryland Corporate Income Tax Reform

March 15, 2016

Research shows new taxes have a stronger effect on a state’s economy than corporate income taxes, and high corporate income taxes are a deterrent to economic development, discouraging new businesse

Research & Commentary: Alabama Education Savings Accounts

March 14, 2016

On March 9, the Alabama House Education Policy Committee passed a bill that would establish an education savings account (ESA) program for children with special needs, children of active-duty Armed

Research & Commentary: A Summary of the Impacts of Industrial Silica Sand (Frac Sand) Mining

March 11, 2016

Isaac Orr, research fellow at The Heartland Institute, and Mark Krumenacher, senior principal and senior vice president of GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc., have written a series of four Policy Studi

Research & Commentary: Hall Tax Debate Reemerges in Tennessee

March 11, 2016

The debate over Tennessee’s Hall tax has generated several new pieces of legislation that would eliminate, lower, or narrow the scope of this 87-year-old tax on income from investments.

Research & Commentary: Health Care Price Transparency

March 11, 2016

Access to transparent health care prices remains elusive for most U.S.

Research & Commentary: Oklahoma Education Savings Accounts

March 10, 2016

The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled in February the

Research & Commentary: Retail Health Clinics, A Good Option for Patients

March 8, 2016

Access to affordable and convenient health care has become increasingly difficult and costly over the past decade.

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