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Research & Commentary: Taxpayer Funded Stadiums a Bad Deal for Taxpayers

July 18, 2016

Atlanta, Las Vegas, the Twin Cities, and Arlington, Texas are recent examples of an out-of-control trend: the public funding of private sports facilities.

Research & Commentary: States Testing Vehicle-Mileage Tax Programs

July 15, 2016

Several states – including Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire – are applying for “$2.1 m

Research & Commentary: Illinois Needs to Reform Its Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws

July 13, 2016

Analysts at the nonpartisan Institute for Justice (IJ) have given the State of Illinois’ civil asset forfeiture laws a grade of D-, one of

Research & Commentary: Massachusetts Is Latest State to Consider Single-Payer Health Care

July 13, 2016

Despite possessing the nation’s highest health insurance coverage rate, Massachusetts lawmakers are now considering two bills that would institute a statewide single-payer health care system known

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