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Hoaxster Physicist Spews Hateful Rhetoric Against Climate Scientists

James M. Taylor –
January 25, 2011

Mark Boslough, a physicist with no apparent formal training in climate science, published a hateful and vitriolic editorial in the January 24 Santa Fe New Mexican smearing climate science professors and researchers at some of the world’s most prestigious science institutions by accusing them of dishonesty simply because they disagree with Boslough’s own pet theories regarding global warming.

Prior to his January 24 New Mexican article, Boslough’s greatest claim to fame was getting caught making up fictional entries for the so-called Darwin Awards and inventing an Internet hoax lying about laws passed by the Alabama state legislature. Now his greatest claim to fame may be championing hateful anti-science rhetoric on the very day President Obama in his State of the Union Address calls for greater civility and respect in political discourse.

In the very first sentence of his editorial, Boslough launches his hateful tone by referring to scientists who are skeptical of alarmist global warming predictions as “deniers” who “have abandoned all pretense of honest science.” The term “deniers” is a deliberately offensive and insulting term that was first used when left-wing ideologues compared global warming skeptics to holocaust deniers. It is a term intended to sow hatred and division rather than encourage cooperative scientific discussion. Indeed, the same ideologues that began labeling global warming skeptics as “deniers” have repeatedly called for global warming skeptics to be punished for crimes against humanity and subjected to Nuremburg-style trials, which is the same treatment that was deservedly imposed on the Nazi perpetrators of the holocaust. Boslough uses this hateful “deniers” term repeatedly throughout his editorial, and repeatedly makes the hateful and unsubstantiated claim that all climate scientists who disagree with him lack integrity and are lying about the facts.

Boslough’s hateful rhetoric and accusations are, unfortunately, not unusual for advocates of alarmist global warming predictions. Apparently believing that the computer programs they create to predict future climate are infallible and exempt from scientific scrutiny or scientific challenge, they accuse the scientists who disagree with them as being “anti-science.” This is quite ironic, given that skepticism and the aggressive questioning and verification of asserted hypotheses lie at the very heart of the Scientific Method.

Boslough asserts that the Heartland Institute “censures” scientists who believe in an impending global warming crisis. This is quite an accusation given that as organizer of the Heartland Institute’s annual International Conference on Climate Change, I always cordially invite the most prominent scientists who believe in an impending global warming crisis to speak at our conference. I have also posted audio clips of their views on our website. We have yet to be convinced by their arguments, and we vigorously present the science that contradicts such arguments, but how does this qualify as “censure”?

Boslough also asserts, without presenting any supporting evidence, that the scientists who author Heartland Institute publications “refuse to play by the rules of science, which include integrity, honesty, and peer review.” This is quite an accusation, given that the authors of Heartland Institute publications are professors and researchers at some of the world’s most prestigious universities and research institutions. Their peer-reviewed articles number in the hundreds. But why should Boslough let the truth get in the way of yet another of his fraudulent Internet hoaxes?

Boslough concludes his hateful editorial by noting, “Misrepresentations and personal attacks have very real and chilling consequences. Perhaps that is the intent.” Well said, Mr. Boslough – well said.

Correction: When first posted, this article indicated Boslough was a non-Ph.D. physicist. Boslough does indeed have a Ph.D. Boslough also objected to the original title, "Physics Hoaxster...." which has been changed accordingly.