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Joyce Foundation-Chicago Tribune Education Survey

University of Chicago –
March 1, 2013

A new Joyce Foundation-Chicago Tribune pollshows strong and widespread support — among parents of CPS students and among other Chicagoans — for unchaining more charters in Chicago.

The poll of 1,010 Chicagoans found:

• More than 6 in 10 respondents (63.7 percent) favor making it easier for charters to expand in neighborhoods where there are currently waiting lists for admission to charter schools.

• An even larger share, 67.9 percent, agree that it should be easier for charters to open in neighborhoods with underperforming schools.

An impressive 6 in 10 (61.1 percent) favor a law that would empower parents to take control of a persistently failing school and hire a nonprofit education provider — usually a charter operator — to manage the school. That's the "parent trigger" law that has shaken the status quo in California. There's a push for such laws in 12 states at the moment, Education Week reports.

All this and more inside this insightful poll.