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The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism

February 28, 2013

Here’s more information about the book that is changing the debate over global warming across the country. You can order the book at Steve Goreham's Web site, or Amazon.com.

Here are the citations for the footnotes in Goreham's book, and here is the index.

Welcome to The Mad, Mad, Mad
World of Climatism

Climatism: The Belief that Man-Made Greenhouse Gases
are Destroying Earth’s Climate

If you accept the dogma of Climatism, greenhouse gases from industry are causing catastrophic global warming.  Melting ice caps, rising oceans, stronger hurricanes and storms, droughts and floods, species extinction, polar bear starvation, heat waves, disease, ocean acidification, and air pollution are all a result of man-made climate change, according to experts.  As a result, we must curb our evil carbon-emitting ways.  The proposed remedies by Climatists are many and cover all parts of our society:

If you’re a citizen, you must change your light bulbs, buy an electric car, put solar panels on your roof, and adopt a vegetarian diet.  Forget those flights to visit your family members in Florida.  Oh, and better limit your family size to two children and skip that large pet.

If you’re a businessman, you’d better adopt sustainable development.  Fuel your vehicle fleet with ethanol or better yet, buy electric vehicles.  Purchase expensive renewable energy.  Build your facilities to LEED standards.  Count your carbon emissions and set aggressive goals for decarbonization.  Gather those government subsidies and loan guarantees for green policies.  Build your public image to show just how “green” you are.

If you’re an educator, teach your students that “if you change light bulbs, you can save polar bears.”  Wind and solar are good, while coal and oil are bad.  Teach them that we’re running out of natural resources, overpopulating the Earth, and must change our ways if we’re to save the planet.

If you’re a college science Ph.D. candidate, better choose the road of Climatism.  Acceptance of the theory of man-made global warming means research contracts, peer acceptance, tenure, wealth and fame.  The alternative road of climate skepticism offers only ridicule, poverty, and failure.

If you’re a government official, carbon taxes, cap-and-trade systems, and renewable energy mandates and subsidies are the right policies to raise taxes and boost energy prices. By forcing adoption of ineffective renewable energy and restricting the use of hydrocarbon energy, you can surely be green and sustainable, with the side benefit of destroying the competitiveness of your state or national economy.

If you’re a leader of a developing nation, be sure to promote ineffective wind, solar, and biofuel energy and other efforts to try reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  This is a great way to curry favor with the United Nations and the climate-crazed leaders of industrial nations.  Prolonged poverty, disease, lack of modern energy, and short lifespans for your people are just small sacrifices to save the planet.

But there’s just one problem with all this: Man-made emissions are an insignificant part of  global warming.



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