Policy Documents

Medical Care for the Needy

Michael Thompson –
January 28, 2014

As our state’s General Assembly debates whether to expand the taxpayers’ financed Medicaid to an additional 400,000 of our citizens, we should step back and see what can be done today to reform the current program and help many of those folks who do not have health insurance.   

There are ways to serve the poor who need medical assistance and who don’t have health insurance, or who simply cannot afford to pay the deductibles in their current policies.   

First, don’t allow middle class and wealthy retirees to receive Medicaid payments originally dedicated only for the poor. For instance, the long-term care costs picked up by Medicaid have expanded over time to include retirees with home equity over $500,000, life insurance policies, retirement accounts with unlimited assets, income from Social Security and a defined benefit pension plan. This growing and serious problem within Medicaid should be reformed before the taxpayers are shackled into supporting an expanded Medicaid program that is no longer totally focused on the poor.